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Filed under Photoshop Tutorials - admin @ November 16th, 2005
Motion Blur with Masks
This tutorial is to help you learn how to create the illusion of motion blur as easily as possible using masks and filters. This technique works great with pretty much any kind of sports photo.
Open an image with a car. I have chosen a static image to demonstrate better the effect of motion.
Make a duplicate of the Background layer Layer> duplicate layer). Your layers pallete should look like this:
With the new layer selected, go to Filters>Blur>Motion Blur and ajust values to meet you requirements. In my case, with a 1024×768 pixels image, I’ve chosen Angle 3 to march the angle of the car and distance 38 pixels.
Now let’s create a mask. With the Background copy layer selected, go to the bottom of the layers palette and choose “Add layer mask”. You’ll notice the white rectangle appear next to the layer thumbnail. Let me tell you some

words about this mask. When it is white, it is called “Reveal all mask”. If you are painting with black, it’s like erasing a portion of the image (without affecting the real image though). I think you got the idea. Now take the brush and paint with black on the image (with the layer mask selected) to reaveal the car and preserve the motion blur on the other portion of the image.

Your layer mask should look like this:
A little piece of advice: to increase the realism of the filter, don’t paint the entire car; leave the back of

the car a little blurred. Your final image should look like this:

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  1. aerostatic Says:

    it’s a decent tutorial, but it would be better if you went more in depth. right now, the car looks like it’s standing still, and for some weird reason the background is blurred. if you wanted to do the effect better, for a more realistic approach, it would be best to apply a radial blur to the wheels, at best quality with an intensity of fifteen a few times. that way, the car looks like it’s in motion. if you know a bit about photography, it helps you when you’re trying to change the properties of an image. when you’re following a car with a camera, and you shoot it at a shutter speed to low to freeze your background (or you’re shooting it to get the effect of a still car and moving background) the wheels will be moving like the background, because you’re following the car’s motion with the camera, and not the circular motion of the wheels. i’m hoping you guys update this tutorial (or maybe i’ll do one of my own and put it on good-tutorials…) have fun guys, keep up the… work.

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